as discussed in a writer’s workshop

I flipped the card over and over again,
writer’s workhop, that too about women-
with my portfolio, I arrived at the workshop,
prepared to listen to the topic of discussion
It could be anything:
the nubile heroine’s journey,
the ambiguous power of vamps
to evil stepmothers,
and the sheer pleasure of being a woman
told creatively in a wealth of fantastic stories.
so much in there to speak about woman-
her charishma, her power through the years

can you believe it, they were talking
about a heroine whose only talent rested
on her ability to sleep.
sleeping beauty waiting for her prince
is a non-entity for me. what is she
but a emotionally stranded heroine
whose awakening from death induced sleep
depends on a Prince’s kiss. I would call him
a simpleton who had no vision
could he not leave her alone
and find someone better, a matured personality
who would have suited more to his wordly demeanor

sleeping for two decades tenaciously holding to life
is but a scary thought. waking her up by breath
of a kiss, he must have been curious. maybe I ought
to salute to the spirits of both, for leaving a fairy tale
for us. and a hope to live happily ever after.


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