About comment boxes…

I thought I would take a moment to rant here. I do that once in a while although in the recent past I have not done much of that.

Today I will talk about the comment boxes.

As we all know blogger has introduced the embedded comment box, and it has been a while now. Somehow I don’t find it user friendly, especially if one uses word verification. Why do I have to click it at least thrice to get my comments through? It truly pisses me off.

I also don’t like the intensedebate way of commenting. It also takes a while and I kind of desist from commenting there unless , it is something I can’t miss.

Open id is a good way. WordPress uses it, although it is somewhat different. Commenting on wordpress blogs is a pleasure.

I don’t mind comment moderation and/or word verification, but both being used together, is not a good option. Have either of the two, not both. I didn’t have either but due to spam, I have resorted to word verification. And any comment older than two weeks, goes into moderation.

We all thrive on comments. And the least we can do is to make it easy for our visitors to leave their foot prints.

That’s all I gotta say for now. I do welcome your inputs too.


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