reaching out

why did I abstain from calling-
letting my affection go to sleep?
that silver tumbler broke the ice
my thought process turned to you
I remembered our childhood play moods
your goofy attitude, with that smile
spoke to you in my mind
I called out again and again
maybe when that tumbler fell down
your mind heard that clinking sound

folding my hands in grateful prayer
I take down the superficial halo
we both reached out, mom helped-

I called, you answered, siblings again

“again I hug that silver tumbler
and give it to you, brother”


Some days back, I wrote about one of my brothers, estranged from us. On Monday, I called him and he responded. I went to meet him on Tuesday, along with my mom and younger brother and his family. I think we will be able to mend the fences. I again need your encouragement and support.

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