a subtle hint

that sheen I see

on their skins-
a hint of hard work

those play of muscles
on their forearms-
a hint of hard work

the beat of hammer
on the hot iron-
a hint of hard work

we are beautiful people
we only lust for your love
a hint of sadness

they get up to dance-
with masks, and swelling chants- 
a hint of abandon

“they are the salt of earth, and I couldn’t agree more”


Three Word Wednesday provided these three words: hint, lust, sheen. Working around those was not easy as I did not wish to go the obvious way. Hope what I did works well.

I have taken a line or two from Ka’Ba by Imamu Amiri Baraka. Those lines are we are beautiful people and dance- with masks, and swelling chants. I have somewhat edited the second line. Do read the full poem clicking on the poet’s name. To know more about the poet, check out the following link:


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